Some examples of work we have created over the last few years.


Description: After producing local no-budget web series, "Sons of Spielberg", we were approached to create some comedy material for BBC Scotland's online comedy channel, "Short Stuff".

Deliverables: Script, Pre-production, Props/Costume, Managing freelance team, Casting, Direction, Editing, Delivery of final product.

Vladimir - School of Business

Description: Video focusing on a University of Dundee graduate, created to promote the School of Business.

Deliverables: Working with the client to pick out key messages, Scripting with the student, Arranging with locations, Video and Audio Capture, Direction, Editing in conjunction with client, Delivery of final product.

All Or Nothing

Description: 1 of 4 music videos created for Dundee band, "The Simon Kennedy Band".

Deliverables: Scouting location, Pre-production, Casting of extras, Lighting with DOP, Direction, Co-ordinating Freelance team, Edit/Colour grade, Delivery of final product.

Highball of Haiti

Description: Short video created to support a local bartender's entry in a global competition.

Deliverables: Discussion with client, Pre-production, Lighting, Direction, Edit/Colour grade, Delivery of final product.

Bella & Duke

Description: Promotional video created for raw dog food company "Bella & Duke".

Deliverables: Discussion of key themes with client, Pre-production, Direction, Audio/Video capture, Edit, Delivery of final product.